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P.O. Box 5288
Pittsburgh, Pa  15206

Heather Long


"I have been using the services of Au Purr for several years to help take care of my two kitties, Jasmine and Minnie. I have always been impressed by the caring and thoughtfulness of the Au Purr employees who seem truly interested in the health and happiness of my fur balls. When I am on vacation, Au Purr not only takes care of the kitties, but bring in the mail, water the plants and whatever else it takes to keep my home running and the kitties feeling comfortable and safe. They even came to my home to give Jasmine medication when I could not be home to administer every dose. It has been a tremendous relief to me to know that when I cannot be home, I have trustworthy people to take care of my beloved kitties!"
–Sharon in Regent Square

"My border collie Rebel and my eighteen-pound cat Louis are used to a lot of attention and that doesn't change when I go away. Au Purr offers the unique service of sleeping over in your home. When I return from trips, my furry friends are glad to see me, but I know they have had the very best substitute in place of me. Thanks Au Purr."
–Christine in Fox Chapel

"I have Au Purr take care of my cats because they do such a great job! Whether it's my 18 year-old who needs a gentle touch or my 1 year old bull-in-a-china-shop, I can count on Au Purr to keep everyone happy, get them all their specific food and take the time to get their meds administered. When I come home, my cats are healthy and happy and have barely noticed I've been away."
–Nancy in Highland Park

Gretta pooh

Gretta pooh

"I recently relocated to Pittsburgh from Washington State. My biggest concern upon moving, was who was I going to hire to help me with my Pit Bull, Gretta, once I got to Pittsburgh? I had a great dog boarder in WA, and was looking to find someone to provide the same exceptional care that Gretta was used to. Upon doing some research, I decided to contact Au Purr. This was the best decision I could have ever made for my sweet Gretta.

Au Purr is exceptional in many ways. Most importantly is the love/care that they provide for Gretta. It's very obvious from the daily journal entries I receive every visit that they truly enjoy spending time with her. They are very attuned to what is going on with Gretta (whether it's a scratch on her nose from a recent cat attack ☺ or an upset tummy). Most importantly for me is that I can go to work every day knowing that Gretta will be well taken care of and I don't have to worry. Heather and the Au Purr staff are great to work with because they are flexible and always available. I usually contact them via email or even texting, and I typically receive a response within an hour. They are also usually available upon short notice, which is great if unexpected weekend plans come up.

Au Purr has made mine and Gretta's move to Pittsburgh so much smoother. I would recommend Au Purr to anyone that loves their pet and wants exceptional service."
–Molly from East End

Francis and Vincent

"We love Au Purr! Professional, dependable, and most of all—real animal lovers."
–Amy from Regent Square

Kreiger and Lucia

"Au Purr has been instrumental in our family and pets' lives as we have two very large German Shepherds who we adore…but we don't always adore or have time to get them out enough for them to burn the energy they need to in order to stay healthy (and keep us sane). Our Shepherds go to the park three times a week and they are different dogs because of this. Au Purr has helped us tremendously with socializing our dogs as well due to having a female who was not always the most friendly with other dogs. She has come so far working with the Au Purr team. They are always there, even last minute and it is so nice to have such wonderful people to count on when it comes to your animals."
–Shannon from Edgewood

"When I had elderly dogs, I always felt comfortable with Au Purr caring for them while we were away. They even stayed overnight when my oldest dog started wandering the house at night. And they can handle any kind of dog - even my bitey girl! It's great knowing that they understand dog behavior. Now that I have new dogs, I will continue to put my trust in Au Purr. "
–Sharon from Forest Hils

"Au Purr is fantastic! When I got Momma Dog, I was looking for someone to walk her while I was working, but when you trust your pets to them, you are getting so much more! They took time to get to know her, take her to the park with dogs with similar personalities, and really love her as if she were their own. I can go to work stress-free knowing Momma Dog will not be alone all day, and will be with people who really care. She has so much fun with them, that the investment is worth every penny and then some! Thank you, Au Purr!!"
–Janet from Swissvale


"Au Purr has been a quality of Indi's life since he was one year old. He's now a seven and a half year old healthy, happy Bernese Mountain Dog. I have so much to be thankful to the folks at Au Purr for this. Both my wife and I hold down full time jobs leaving Indi home during the sad long stretch of our working days. Knowing that he is being cared for takes so much weight off my mind. Indi goes on walks and park play days with other dogs. I know he is happy with them.

He practically tells me so.

Besides their reliable service, if I ever need an extra visit because of unanticipated meetings or late arrival back home, I know I can reach out to Au Purr and they consistently come through."
–Jerry from Highland Park

Millie and Morrie

You should be petting us…

"Thank you for being so trustworthy with Millie and Morrie. You really were so kind to them and exceeded my expectations of what a pet sitter can do. The log book was great to read when I got back and I can most definitely say that Morrie and Millie were very very happy to have you look after them. They are the happiest they have ever been when I have returned home from a trip and I could clearly tell they had been truly and genuinely cared for."
–Helen from Shadyside

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