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Heather Long

About Heather


I've had a strong connection with animals my entire life, beginning with a “stray” duck who took residence outside my preschool. Every day after dinner, my family and I went and fed her (and her baby, when he came along). I would sing a kid's song called “Six Little Ducks” to them, which became their signal to come to us (and they did!). It also became my first rescue stint when the baby got attacked; his underside was torn apart and infested with maggots. My dad caught both mother and baby duck and we took the injured baby to the vet. They lived with us for several months until recovered. Then we released them back into the world to spread their wings!

I also grew up with cats, dogs, turtles, bunnies, hamsters, hairless rats, and the random toads that I would catch each summer and bring in for their “vacation”, as I called it. Currently, I share my life with a menagerie that includes Pit Bulls and a Jack Russell Terrier, with the occasional foster under my wing as well!

After graduating from the University of Pittsburgh with a degree in Communications and English Writing, I worked in a research lab at the University of Pittsburgh. While there were many aspects of my job that I enjoyed, there was something missing. I finally realized I just had to follow a path where my true passion lies. I feel extremely lucky to have the opportunity to work with each and every animal I visit. Each has their own intricacies, likes, dislikes, and histories that are unique to only them; I love discovering them as we build our relationship. And, I must admit, the “tough cookies” are one of my favorites! I also enjoy the human relationships formed within the realm of the animals I care for. Getting to know an animal's person gives me a unique glimpse into their lives.

I am heavily involved with and dedicated to Pit Bull advocacy and education. Having once been uncertain of the breed myself, I do understand the commonly held beliefs. BoBo (my first Pit Bull) changed these beliefs in an instant; all it took was a gentle lick that caused me to wonder if, possibly, I was wrong. Turns out I was. Several years (and several Pit Bulls…) later, I have read about, and joyously experienced, their candid truths. Most importantly, they have opened up my mind and my heart. Without a doubt, they have shaped and inspired who I am and what I do today more than any other single factor!