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Rates and Services

Our services include Home Visits, Overnight Visits, and Buddy Time.

Please review our Ready-key Program and Cancellation Policy.
Please complete our Contract for Care and Animal History forms.

Home Visits:


For clients who require a minimum of five home visits a week, every week, on an ongoing basis with no end date, the home visit rate drops to $17/visit.

Additional long walk or playtime: $38/hr, prorated.

Vet or groomer transport: $38/hr, prorated . (transport time counts toward total)

Minimal grooming: $38/hr. (shaving or cutting of matted fur, clipping nails, cleaning ears and eyes)

Huggy and Vinnie

Overnight Visits:

Dates are subject to availability. Please complete the Overnight Info form.

Regular overnights to last from 7:30 pm until the following 7:30 am: $75.

Extended overnights from 5:30 pm to 7:30 am: $95.

Weekend overnight options:
Saturday Afternoon (2 pm Saturday to 8 am Sunday): $135.
Big Weekend (2 pm Saturday to noon Sunday): $165.
Sunday Afternoon (2 pm Sunday to 7:30 am Monday): $135.


Buddy Time:

Buddy Time (three hours): $50.

Companionship for your dog. We pick your pups up at your home, spending time at the park, playing games indoors, enjoying each other's company and doing “regular” things during which your furball can be right by our side. Your four-legged will be delivered back to you having had much attention, ready for a nap.

No dog will ever, ever be left in a car alone or tied in front of a store!


Why we love snow

Ready-key Program:

We ask for two keys to your home, and hold on to the keys for future appointments. The keys are tagged with the animal's name(s), and no other identifier. One key remains with us almost all the time. This is handy in unexpected situations, when clients must leave town with little notice. The other is held with full written visit instructions in our “emergency kit” materials at our home office in case an emergency situation arises on our end (necessitating a back-up caregiver). We ask for your keys when you choose us as your animal caretaker, and will return them whenever you wish. If you choose not to leave your keys with us long-term, there is a $5 charge per trip for each subsequent key pick-up and drop-off.

Cancellation Policy:

Except on holidays (spelled out below), we charge the following rates for any scheduled series of services cancelled with less than 72 hours notice.

Home visits: $12/visit
Overnight visits:
Regular: $50
Extended: $75
Weekend Afternoons: $95
Big Weekend: $120
Buddy time: $40
Other services: $24/hr

During holidays, we charge full price for any scheduled series of services cancelled with less than 24 hours notice.

The 15 days around (one week before to one week after) New Years, Easter, Memorial Day, July 4, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, or Christmas are considered holidays.

Rates subject to change, please verify at time of service.

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