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Heather Long

Au Purr in the Community

Au Purr is committed to the health, happiness and welfare of all animals in our community, not just our clients! To this end, we are involved in several efforts supporting and assisting our four-legged neighbors.

Foster kitty

We, along with several client and friend volunteers, provide free visits for medicating and monitoring foster animals placed by local rescue organizations. During dog flu or URI outbreaks, for example, contagious shelter animals must be placed in foster homes that do not currently have other pets. Some folks may want very much to help, but are nervous about taking in a sick animal who needs medications. We will make house calls free of charge and administer medications to any fosters in our service area.

Au Purr also does pro bono visits to cancer patients in our service area who are unable to care for their animal during treatment or recovery, and unable to afford help. So often, people must surrender their best furry friends due to incapacitating illness or hospital stays. This is not only terribly sad for the animal in question, but can make the human's recovery much harder.

We thank our clients and friends for all their support in these efforts, and look forward to many years of serving animals in our community.